• Date: 20 June 2017
  • Time: 6:00 pm
  • Category: Public
  • Venue:

    Scottish Parliament, Committee Room 5

  • Booking Contact:

Dear All,

HEAR ABOUT THE NEW RESIDENTIAL SERVICE FOR CHRONIC PAIN (The Scottish National Residential Pain Management Programme)

We welcome hearing about Scotland’s first residential service, which was achieved through years of campaigning by our Cross Party Group and established by former Cabinet Secretary for Health, Mr Alex Neil. It was agreed by a unanimous vote by all Parties in the Scottish Parliament (a rare occurrence!). The service is at the Gartnavel campus in Glasgow. It is funded nationally by the Scottish Government at £700,000 annually.

We welcome Dr Rachel Atherton, the Clinical Lead, to talk on how the programme is working in taking patients from throughout Scotland; how they are selected, and the human experiences involved over a few weeks of intensive help.  Previously, a few patients had to be sent as far as Bath in Somerset for residential help.

Patients, health professionals and MSPs are keen to hear about this new service and how it might aid people in their areas, so please let me know as soon as possible if you are able to attend.


While the Residential service is good news, shortages continue to harm Waiting Times at day clinics, to which thousands of pain patients are referred.  We know that short staffing is the continuing problem for many and need action to help the clinics.


Are worthy words about the public interest worth the paper they’re written on? The CPG’s recent experience outlined.

  1.  UPDATES: CIC, Lightburn Hospital, Scottish Health Council (SHC). And invitation from the SHC.

There will be updates on the campaigns for Lightburn Hospital and the CIC and on the Scottish Health Council (SHC), which the Health Committee and patients have criticised. The SHC chair, Pam Whittle, has written inviting CPG comments when a consultation on the SHC ‘s future launches this summer.

  1.  As usual, minutes of the last meeting on March 15, 2017, will be sent out prior to the meeting. I’ve asked Dr Gregor Smith, deputy chief medical officer, to check over his answers to your many questions at the March15 meeting to make sure we got his answers right and await response before sending out.  Dr Smith has been away recently. He will chair the new Advisory Committee set up by the Scottish Govt – the fourth so far- which the CPG hopes will achieve more than its predecessors.
  2. AOB.

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