Health Literacy and Health Information Training

This training raises awareness of ‘health literacy’ which considers the skills and knowledge required to access, understand and act on health information to improve health and empower people. It also helps delegates to identify and access the most appropriate health information and methods of displaying information for the public. People need health information for a variety of reasons – these include:  maintaining health and wellbeing  improving health  dealing with illness  managing long term conditions. Health information can be written, spoken or visual and this training identifies methods for communicating information in ways that help to promote understanding and overcome barriers that people may face.

To raise awareness of health literacy and identify tools and techniques to improve health literacy and to gain an understanding of how health information can support practice.

This course is for anyone who may be required to discuss health related issues or for those who support people to make health decisions i.e. NHS staff, local authority staff, voluntary organisations, carers etc.

Delegates will:  have increased knowledge about health literacy  have better understanding of the impact of limited health literacy  be able to identify how we can improve health literacy  have an increased awareness of how health information can support practice  Have increased knowledge of how to create an attractive display.


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