Follow the Yellow Brick Road

  • Date: 5 October 2017
  • Time: 3.30pm
  • Category: Public
  • Venue:

    Theatre Nemo Studio
    128-130 Bridgegate
    G1 5HZ

  • Booking Contact:

Theatre Nemo want to achieve:

A “Creative holistic support Centre” – to provide support, inclusion, and inspiration of good mental health and wellbeing. Our goal is to put all support services under the one roof. A place of support and practicalities at the time of need.

Let’s make poor mental health, isolation, stigma a thing of the past. We want to create a real community awareness to make life better for our communities.

Join them at their upcoming exhibition ‘Follow the yellow brick road’


Refreshments and exhibition: A view into another world


Performance: Following the journey of people on the yellow brick road trying to find the solution to their fears and anxiaties, homlessness, trauma, mental health, poverty and leaving prison.



Isabel McCue MBE, The Holistic Vision

Tina Henry, Adverse Childhood Experiences
Frank Gibbons, Mental Health in Prisons

Q&A Session, what is the solution?

For more information and to book your space please go to their Eventbrite page.



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