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This time last week I was on the train from Glasgow to Edinburgh, butterflies in my stomach while I topped up my lippy. It was time for the 2017 Self Management Awards, held each year at the Scottish Parliament.

Months ahead of the big night sees the Self Management Team start the planning. First off, the team get together to discuss the award categories and this year we introduced three new awards. We want to make the awards inclusive and showcase the amazing work that goes on across Scotland from individuals living with long term conditions, volunteers and staff. So we changed things up.

Our three new awards this year were:

  • ‘The Changemaker’. For staff or teams working in health and social care  that have gone above and beyond for people living with long term conditions to support their self management
  • ‘Self Management Champion of the Year’. Celebrating the people who are helping to spread the important message of self management within communities and help to make change happen.
  • ‘Integration Partnership of the Year’. For those who have achieved success through partnership working and helped to lead change to self management support available in their area.

After agreeing on the categories, we invited 12 people who had worked closely with the self management team over the year. This included NHS staff, third sector staff, Scottish Government and individuals living with long term conditions. If the truth be told, I didn’t envy them one bit having to shortlist their winners, saying it is difficult would be an understatement.

Once the Awards were announced, the waiting game begins. Honestly, I panic each year wondering how popular the awards are going to be. Will we receive enough nominations? Will I end up with a P45? Ok, so I exaggerate but you get the idea. Well I wasn’t to worry, this year we received the most nominations to date. I was inspired each time I read through a nomination form; reading about people who have embraced self management and changed their lives around or a new resource that’s plugged the gap for individuals living with long term conditions.

The Awards ceremony itself is what the Self Management Team work towards all year. Inviting inspiring speakers (two which completely ticked the inspiring box), registering delegates to attend, printing (a lot of printing) and taking deep breaths when the printer breaks down. There really is a lot that goes into the night but every single bit of work that goes in is worth it.

On the night, we heard about 21 shortlisted nominees across the six awards and it was an honour to share with delegates what goes on across Scotland supporting the self management agenda. The winners took the the stage with roars of applause from delegates each one more shocked than the last to have won. The night was another great success.

It’s now a week on from the Awards and I’m still smiling to myself when I think of the night. I can honestly say it is nights like the Awards that remind me that I’m in the right job and that I love what I do. I can’t wait to start building on the relationships made at the Awards and see how we can continue to raise the profile of self management.

Find out about who won at the Awards by clicking here. 

Marianne Brennan, Development Officer in the Self Management Team

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