Making it Easy: support to improve health literacy can remove barriers to wellbeing

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Written by Blythe Robertson, Health Care Quality and Improvement at the Scottish Government

We published our first health literacy plan of action, Making it Easy in 2014. It challenged the health and care system to remove the barriers that frustrate our efforts to manage our wellbeing and the wellbeing of others.

We need to support everyone in Scotland to have the confidence, knowledge, understanding and skills to live well on their own terms with any health condition we have. These issues affect all of us to varied extents, whether as a carer, family member, teacher, employer, or health and care worker. And we all have a role to play in improving things.

This Storify sets out some of things we’ve worked on so far.

Our second health literacy action plan is now being developed. It should build on what we’ve learned so far to move us closer to removing the barriers as we design and deliver services for the future. This aligns well with the Chief Medical Officer’s Realising Realistic Medicine’s report in its drive to better support people’s needs through shared decision-making.

We touched upon health literacy at the recent Self Management Scotland Network event, but I think the sheer range of possible barriers and solutions was a bit overwhelming, so here’s a further chance to share your thoughts.

We have the chance to change things for the better on this vital topic, but we need your help. What do you think we should focus on in the next phase of work?

There are lots of ways to contact me. Here are just some of them:

0131 244 1773


Health Literacy Demonstrator Event Storify:

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