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Who, What and Where

Some laid back music plays within the café at Fullerton ConneXtions, the buzz from all the small talk mixed with the smell of fresh scones sets the scene nicely on Wednesday 15th March for our event ‘Exploring new ways of working in partnership with the third sector and health and social care staff’, but how did we get here today?

Months before, staff within the ALLIANCE were offered an exciting opportunity to get involved with promoting the new Active and Independent Living Improvement Programme (AILIP) in Scotland. This programme is the new logic model for all Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and I promise to try and keep acronyms at a minimum in this blog. AHPs are your paramedics, occupational therapists, dieticians (this list goes on) that are at the core of delivering frontline services.  This event was a great opportunity to communicate who the ALLIANCE is and have this day act as an introduction to the third sector or a refresher to those in the room to remind us all that we need to work in partnership to support health and social care going forward.

The day was made up with a mix of AHPs and third sector staff and inputs were delivered by North Ayrshire TSI, ALISS and the Self Management Team at the ALLIANCE, so a jammed packed filled day. Throughout the day we hosted a short self management workshop to explore further what it meant to people in their everyday life and work role. The knowledge in the room became quickly apparent.

What we did

During the workshop, people agreed that the key component for someone to successfully self manage is themselves. Self management means recognising that people are the experts in their own condition, however, it is important to remember that the support of the professionals play a big role in supporting this. Communication and education were key themes pulled out and how these need to be altered to each and every person depending on where they are in their life; this doesn’t always mean when someone has been newly diagnosed but the health professionals in the room understood that communication is about where the person is on the day they come to see you no matter how long they have been living with a long term condition.

Shaun Ferrie joined us from Ayr United Football Academy to talk about their ‘Weigh to Go’ programme funded by the ALLIANCE Self Management Fund and put into perspective how partnership working with health and social care professionals and the third sector is instrumental to strengthen the self management of individuals. There’s only so much leafleting Shaun and his team can do but, with the buy in of health professionals to refer people to their programme, the number of participants has risen and they have supported men to not only lose weight but some have lowered their medication intake, have a reason to get out of the house and importantly made new friends. These are only some of the benefits discussed.

Our workshop was a short taster session but it was clear the conversations could have went on all day around self management and what this means to people. What the ALLIANCE team did walk away from the day with is that AHP staff see that self management is about empowerment, taking control and promoting wellbeing. We want to continue the conversations and keep strengthening the message of supporting self management but partnerships are vital to the process.

This was our first event promoting AILIP and you can read the Storify of the whole day.  We hope we can extend this across different localities in Scotland and come to a space near you soon!


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