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Last year, we published a series of blogs written by our very own Kevin Geddes sharing his experience of completing the DAfNE diabetes self management course. We’re going to feature a series of blogs about self management courses and welcome submissions. If you have taken part in a course or delivered a course, get in touch to share your story smns@alliance-scotland.org.uk

Pam’s story

I first experienced self-management by attending a course presented by Arthritis Care Scotland. This was in 2007, and I have never looked back.

Like others, I had recently been diagnosed and was still at the denial stage. The course gave me information and encouragement to take control of my condition. Following this, I decided to become a volunteer with Arthritis Care Scotland, presenting the courses in various areas.

Presenting and shaping these courses built on what we learned from the attendees, who all had something to contribute once they had seen what was on offer. At the completion of a six-week course, people often kept in touch through coffee meetings or small get-togethers.

For people who feel lost and unable to cope, these courses offer a lifeline to “be all you can be” without promising the earth. The supportive environment and encouragement are beyond value, and the feeling of not being alone (especially as the presenters  also have long term conditions, and nullify the  “white  coat” effect), can mean so much.

I cannot recommend these courses highly enough, and hope that they will be available to those who need them for as long as they do. Formats and content may change but the core message is the same: “Adapt and overcome, step by step.”

Find out more about the self management courses offered by Arthritis Care Scotland

Extract from Arthritis Care website re self-management workshops

Face to face services

Our series of Living Well workshops give you the tools and techniques you need to manage the challenges you face. There are different workshops available, covering a range of topics that you can choose, based on how relevant they are to you.

Choices of workshops include:

  • understanding pain and other symptoms
  • effective communication about your condition
  • managing change
  • finance, welfare and employment
  • activity and exercise
  • tai chi
  • reiki

Our Living Well projects include:

Joint Activity: a programme supporting people living with arthritis or any other long-term condition to get active and stay active within their own community.

More info:

Contact us

Edward House
283 West Campbell Street
Glasgow G2 4TT


0141 954 7776

See website for more details

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