The Art of Hope and Recovery – Finding Hope on the Journey to Recovery

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'Another Dimension' by Kyra

‘Another Dimension’ by Kyra

We were recently sent a beautiful book titled ‘The Art of Hope and Recovery’ created by the people of the Hope Café in Lanarkshire to spread their message that hope for recovery is possible.

Each piece of art shares the creator’s experiences, hopes and messages for other people facing similar challenges.

You can read the full book here: The Art of Hope and Recovery Booklet (2).

by Glenn Merrilees

Hope can mean so many things
Some hope for inner peace
Others hope for pain to end
Some hope wars will cease.

Some will hope for freedom
Some will hope for rain
The flowers in the garden
Brought to life again.

Some will hope for inner strength
For trials and tribulations
Some will hope for love and peace
Spread across the nations.

Some will hope the lottery
Will dig them out a hole
While some will hope their favourite team
Scores the winning goal.

Some will hope for sunny days
With loved ones all around
Barbecues, the tastes, the smells,
Where paradise is found.

Some will hope their horse will win
A good day at the races
Others hope the ads will stop
With children’s starving faces.

Me, I hope I’ll grow and grow
As I blossom from the gutter
And I hope I’ll make a difference
With every word I utter.

I’ll take my sword to paper
Forget the knives and rope
And pray I’ll make a difference
If I can give some hope.

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